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Awesome Flip in Lafayette

MLS # 21004670 | 3 bed | 2 bath | 1,350sf

This home located off Bonin Rd. in Lafayette was quite the challenge.

An older gentleman called me from this website needing to sell his home fast and that he had lived there since the ’60s. When I arrived to meet him a lot of things done to the home he had done himself over the years. I’m sure anyone reading this knows where I’m going with that! This elderly Marine Vet was strong-minded and took me through a roller coaster of old memories from his Marine Corp days, showing lots of memorabilia, old war guns, and pictures from his younger days! Which was super cool!

He didn’t hesitate to show me the things he did to the home himself which was surprising considering his age and how fragile he was. It sure is interesting to see what people come up with on those DIY projects. Especially over the span of 60 years! After walking the property with him he gave me the number he was looking to sell for which I thought was fair. The next day we signed the agreement and closed a little after Christmas 2020.

Staying the Course

This home took about $58,000 in renovations which is quite a bit for a 1,350sf home! What I thought was going to be a 3-month project quickly turned into 5 months!! But, my crew stayed the course and once it was about 90% complete I put it on the market and it was gone in 12 hours with multiple offers! Which I expected, finding a home on the Southside of Lafayette that’s fully renovated for $155,000 is a rare find in any market condition!

 Special Features

On any remodeled home, I always like to add at least one feature that helps the home stick out. On this house, the lot was 100×150 which is rare enough in itself for this price range but one thing I added in the home to make it pop was the shiplap wall in the dining room area and ceilings in the master bath! As simple as this may seem I’ve shopped with 100’s of house buyers in the Lafayette, LA area. I’ve noticed a lot of times there’s only one or two things that brought them back to choosing the home they decided on. Whether it be a chandelier, wood beams, kitchen island, or even shutters, etc. Keeping the home somewhat simple and adding a couple of cool/subtle features to it just gives it a soft welcoming feel.

Less is More

I’ve seen some houses that are so unique and packed with features buyers can’t really figure out if they like it or not. Almost as if the owner did too much because it is so different or busier than what they are used to seeing. Doing too much on a remodel you also stand the chance of pricing yourself out of the area if you do too much to the home. In some instances with flipping houses, less is more and this one is a good example.

Of course, if you’re around lots of more expensive homes this may not be a good idea, but homes priced below the 200k range there’s no need to pretend you’re on the next episode of Flip or Flop. Keep your flip house or personal home clean, fully functional, and in line with other homes in the area if you plan on selling anytime soon. You’ll keep a lot more money in your pocket!

In the lower-priced homes, most buyers don’t care if you have $30 a square foot granite or $75. To most people granite is granite! You don’t necessarily want the cheapest either! There are just some things you won’t get your money back on so keep it clean and simple with mid-tier upgrades to get the most bang for your buck!! 

Check out these before and after pics

520 Bonin Kitchen oldAfter

Added light and brightness to an outdated kitchen


Turned a Dark dining room into a fresh new eating space

Dark bedroomAfter

Bedroom went from dark & dated to delightfully modern

And you can see the rest of the reveal images here.

Happy remodeling my friends and as always call/text 654-0569 if you need some help buying or selling your home! Or check out these homes for sale with Flip potential.

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