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The Right Buyer’s Agent

The Best Protection You Can Get When Buying A House Is Picking The Right Buyers Agent…As you know, buying a Lafayette area property can be a big investment.

Also knowing what loan type fits your needs the best is often the most overlooked piece of the buying process. But yet, it’s by far the most important piece.

You’ve been searching online for properties, maybe for months. Pulling up Zillow or Realtor.com is probably a daily habit by now and you’ve seen lots of properties come and go since you started searching…… But now you’re ready to get serious, right?

Why am I the right choice? What sets me apart from most Realtors is I ACTIVELY BUY HOMES MYSELF! I’ve purchased over 50 properties in the last 5 years for investments all in Lafayette and the surrounding areas! I get a loan, get it inspected, appraised, and get homeowners insurance just like you will!

I’m constantly looking for defects, resale value, flood zones, or anything that could impact me financially BEFORE buying a home! So think of it like this…If you went to the gym to hire a personal trainer, would you pick the one that is out of shape? Of course not! You want someone that is practicing what they preach! My mind is more conditioned to relate to the situation you are in and geared more towards your needs because I’m out there doing it daily. I’ve taken that knowledge and now pass that along when helping my clients find the perfect home!

I look at each home my client is considering and think to myself, “Do I want them calling me in 5 years to sell this house?” If that answer is NO, I will say something!

You may be thinking we’re all the same…and some choose their friend who has their real estate license or that person they saw in the newspaper thinking that “All real estate agents in Lafayette, LA are the same”. That couldn’t be further from the truth!!

Use My Expertise!

So many later find out that the wrong buyer’s agent in Lafayette, LA could cause you to…

  • Miss out on an amazing house because it was a “For Sale By Owner” or Foreclosure and that agent isn’t experienced dealing with those types of sellers (or finding those properties) 

  • Overlooking issues with the house that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and would have been noticed with years of experience working with the right Realtor and inspectors

  • Lose the home you really want to another buyer because of an ill-prepared offer

  • Pay too much for a house based on emotion vs. solid facts

  • Waste hours and hours seeing homes that aren’t what you’re looking for or even qualify for your loan type

  • and more…

Real estate is usually the single largest financial decision most of us make, I can help you make sure you not only find the house you’re looking for… but I’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that only comes with tons of experience and an amazing full-service team backing you up.

Why Can’t I just Buy a Home Without a Realtor?

I hope you take the time to read this! There is certainly nothing stopping you from going out there and finding your own home. You may have a family member that has purchased a few homes in life and feel they have the expertise to guide you through the process. Or that person may even be you! #1, the commission paid to a buyers agent is paid for by the seller! That’s right, YOU do not pay your buyer’s agent. Buyers agents are paid through the sellers of the home you end up buying. #2, think about your job for a second. You probably know more about your job than just about anyone. You do it every day!! You learn the little things that can make a big impact on a daily basis! Realtors are no different! Especially full-time Realtors like myself. Day in and day out through experience I have learned so much about the little things that can make a big impact.

When looking for a home are you sure you are seeing everything on the market? Because if you are looking alone, I 100% guarantee you are NOT seeing everything available to you. And that could be a HUGE mistake for you!! Realtors know a ton about homes fixing to hit the market, off-market properties that just haven’t become available to the public yet. Realtors also have a coming soon feature (Not Zillow’s coming soon, but I have access to those too) where the only way you can see those properties is if you had a Realtor send them to you. Not to mention foreclosures and past clients we know are selling soon, or even the private social media groups we are a part of where we are constantly sharing to each other what houses we have coming in case we have a buyer for it! You just need ONE house to live in! What if that one perfect home is sitting in my off-market database RIGHT NOW!!

Let’s not forget about after finding a home! The biggest part of the home buying process! Imagine putting together a puzzle for the first time. Aren’t you a little hesitant? Not really sure which piece goes where? Full-time Realtors like myself have put together that puzzle 100’s of times! When a piece is missing we can see it coming before it even gets to that part of the puzzle! My role when helping someone buy a home in the Lafayette, LA area isn’t to just unlock the door for you! I’m looking for problems!!! People buy with emotions even if they don’t realize it! I’m here to keep you grounded in this home buying process! This can get ugly quick! Do you know when a roof is at the end of it’s life expectancy? Does it have foundation issues or any property defects that were an issue in the past that you should know about? Does the electrical panel need to be replaced prior to buying the home because you won’t be able to get homeowners insurance if the current one isn’t changed? My job is to see those issues coming BEFORE it cost you money! You will get the home inspected after you are under contract but wouldn’t it be nice to know some of these things prior to making an offer on the home? I do it daily with my own hard-earned money and representing 100’s of buyers in the last 5 years! Using THE RIGHT Realtor in the home buying process greatly increases your chances of avoiding all these pitfalls!

Yes! I Want To Work With Paul Tylock!