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Hmmmm … a Realtor advertising For Sale By Owner? That’s like Netflix promoting Blockbuster right? Haha — allow me to explain. I understand not everyone wants their house listed on the open market for various different reasons, but still willing to sell if a buyer were to come along. In order to sell your house, you need exposure so potential buyers know it exists. That cost money!! That’s why I made this portal. I have thousands of potential buyers that come to my site on a monthly basis so now you can advertise your home to them for FREE right here on my site! No strings attached, no funny business.

If a buyer reaches out to me who is interested in your home, that results in a sale. You get a HUGE discount on your Realtor fees! Like a 40% type of discount :) We don’t sign anything until my marketing efforts result in the sale of your home! Interested? Keep reading to learn how the process works, or send us your property information right now for a FREE consultation!

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Commission breakdown

List Your Home Below and We’ll Market it for FREE!!

  • Option #1 – if the buyer is not being represented by a Realtor (Buyer’s agent) the marketing fee plus getting your home to the closing table is 3.5%!!! We handle it all!
  • Option #2 – if the buyer does have a Realtor your Realtor fees only go up .5% for a total of 4%!!! Their Realtor and I will work together to get your home sold!

We DO NOT sign anything until our marketing efforts bring an accepted offer. Your home will not be listed on the MLS. You are simply giving us permission to help you find a buyer for your home. This means you can still sell your home to whomever you choose! We have thousands of potential buyers visiting this site monthly. We pay for all marketing, field all calls about your home, and make sure the buyer is qualified to purchase before we schedule an appointment to view your home! So instead of being like most FSBO’s that are fielding calls or having a bunch of showings from what we call “Window Shoppers” or “Looky Loo’s”. If they came from us, we’ll qualify them!

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Why choose this route instead of listing it?

Officially listing your home is still the best option to sell if you’re truly looking to sell in a timely manner for top dollar! However, going this route, aside from getting a commission discount. I’ve noticed some sellers aren’t quite ready to sell but would still entertain an offer if a buyer were interested. Some sellers like to be a little more subtle about the sale of their home for personal reasons with fewer showings, no open houses, no sign in the front yard, or not have to make as many repairs/updates. Maybe you’re building a home and just want to start kicking up some interest without potential buyers beating down your door rushing you to sell! Whatever the reason, if time is on your side and you want to pay less in Realtor fees. This may be a good option for you!

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