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The Right Seller’s Agent

Selling Your Lafayette Area Home Should Be Easy, Fast, and Put The Most Money In Your Pocket. Selling a house or property is a big decision. Right now you’re probably thinking…

“When is the right time to sell?” “What is my property actually worth?”  (HINT: not what Zillow say’s it’s worth) “Who should I work with?” “I’m busy… how can I sell it with as little of my time as possible but put the most money in our pockets?”

I’ve personally bought and sold over 50 investment properties in the last 5 years! You tend to learn things better by doing them yourself! Not going through some training modules. I’ve used my hard-earned money to maintain properties, repair them, and make them more desirable just like you’ve done with your home. I know what it feels like to have my home sit on the market for longer than expected. I also know what it’s like when they sell in 24 hours! I’ve taken those experiences with me to help my clients have a smoother selling process!

When a property sits on the market too long it can lose its appeal to buyers and cost you money every month that it goes unsold. Dozens of sellers have told me stories of them trying to sell their house themselves or list with a less experienced Acadiana real estate broker only to end up working with me months later after the house didn’t sell. As I mentioned above. I’m actively out there just like you! Buying and selling homes! I understand what it’s like to go through the process and be in your shoes! When I buy a home, I get it inspected and appraised just like you! I get a loan and get home owners insurance. Before it’s time to sell I make repairs and do things to make the home more desirable. This part is especially important because you don’t want to over spend on those repairs and upgrades that could price you out of your area and never get your money back. I understand this completely and will help you if your home needs it!

Open houses?

Does it help sell your home in the Lafayette Area?

As many properties as I’ve sold one thing I have never done is open houses. They do work in some cases but honestly open houses are made for the agent to meet more potential buyers. Not necessarily sell the home they are showcasing. Why would I make you leave your home for 2-4 hours every weekend to do something that actually isn’t benefiting you? Open houses result in a sale less than 5% of the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing them. But over 90% of buyers search online before going to an open house. That’s where YOUR HOME needs to be! And that’s where I’ll put it! On the device people play on 4-5 hours per day! See below a part of my marketing strategy that puts TONS of eyes on your home! There’s ways with technology these days to put your home right in front of people already searching and on the device they are using to search with! When you list with me, I’m ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO BUY YOUR HOME!!! You won’t get this many eyes on your property with an open house!!

Use My Experience!

My Experience Saves You Time, Money, and Stress In Selling Your Lafayette area House Quickly

  • I’ll look at your property and provide you with a FREE Home Value Report and recommend anything I see that can help improve the chances of your home selling quick and hassle free!

  • We’ll recommend a target “sale price” and describe our plan to sell it at that price quickly. We’re 100% transparent, so ask us any questions you have!

  • Flexible Listing Agreement: Pay a fair commission, Cancel Anytime

  • Live Your Life: I’ll take care of 100% of the details from listing to “Sold!” so you can live your life while my team and I work hard to sell your house fast!!!!

    • P.S. if you’d like to sell your Lafayette area home to us NOW click here….

If I don’t already have a buyer in my database

I’ll begin with several ads targeting people that have shown interest in buying Real Estate! This is SUPER important in getting as many potential house buyers seeing your home as possible! Not just the ones that like looking at houses! The ones that are ACTIVELY LOOKING NOW!!

Get your FREE Home Valuation

Benefits for Sellers

Home Inspection BEFORE selling your Home??

So most don’t realize there are actually 2 reasons to get a home inspected. #1 is the obvious, who wants to buy a home that needs $5,000 in repairs? Nobody!!!  Now what is #2? NEGOTIATING POWER!!! That’s right……buying a home for the best possible price is no different then looking for a sale at the grocery store. Anything we buy we are all looking for the best deal. Therefore, any justifiable reason could cause you to come out of pocket or drop your sales price to accommodate those repairs. When a buyer gets a home inspected there are TONS of things that can come up that simply takes all your negotiating power away! Even if you think your home is in pristine condition (will access this when we meet) by getting a home inspection prior to selling your home and making those necessary repairs takes that negotiating power away from the buyer and puts it back to you. It also shows pride of ownership having your inspection report laid out for all to see which gives the buyer peace of mind that you have nothing to hide and makes your home stand out!! Pricing your home correctly, keeping it clean, and adding this is a recipe for a faster sale at a higher price, and a MUCH smoother transaction!!!

My Database of Buyers & How it Helps a Seller

One thing an experienced Realtor has is a database full of potential buyers! Or at least they should! Matter of fact, mine (over 4,000) have all come from this exact site you’re on right now! They have chosen to use my site as their preferred way of searching for homes and I stay in constant contact with almost all of them! When I have a listing appointment with a potential seller in the Lafayette, LA area the first thing I do when I’m done with the appointment is see how many buyers I have potentially looking for a home in the same area and price range as the one I just left! I immediately reach out to those folks and share with them what I have coming! I’ve lost count how many times a buyer reached back out and scheduled a showing that ultimately ended up with an offer on the home I just left!  That’s ONE showing, NO sign in the yard, and already under contract! At this point we haven’t even signed an agreement and I’m already working to sell your home! But here is the best part!! When this happens, my commission drops significantly because it’s only fair to you right? I haven’t spent any marketing dollars yet, I haven’t paid for professional photos, or even paid my assistant to draw up any paperwork. I save money, so should you!

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